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Updated: Jun 13

June is National Safety Month🦺🥾, a time dedicated to raising awareness about the importance of safety in the workplace. This initiative encourages organizations and individuals to prioritize safety measures and create a culture where accidents and injuries are minimized. By focusing on various aspects of workplace safety, such as hazard recognition, emergency preparedness, and employee training on the correct PPE in the workplace, National Safety Month aims to foster environments where employees feel secure and valued.

FLT Workwear & PPE ensures that workers are well-equipped to handle the unique challenges of their professions, thereby reducing the risk of accidents and enhancing overall safety.

As we observe National Safety Month, it's an opportune time for businesses to assess their current safety protocols and ensure that their employees have access to the best protective gear available.

Certainly! National Safety Month is a great opportunity to raise awareness about the importance of personal protective equipment (PPE).

Here are some poll questions that can engage people and promote safety practices:

How often do you wear personal protective equipment (PPE) when performing tasks that require it?

  • 0%Always

  • 0%Most of the time

  • 0%Occasionally

  • 0%Never

You can vote for more than one answer.

Which type of PPE do you find most essential for your daily tasks?

  • 0%safety glasses / goggles

  • 0%Gloves

  • 0%Hard hats / Helmets

  • 0%Ear Protection

Do you feel that your workplace provides adequate PPE for all necessary tasks?

  • 0%Yes, always

  • 0%Most of the time

  • 0%Sometimes

  • 0%Rarely

Have you received the proper training on how to use PPE effectively?

  • 0%Yes, comprehensive training

  • 0%Yes, but it was brief

  • 0%No, I have not received any training

  • 0%I am self taught

What is the biggest barrier to using PPE regularly in your workplace?

  • 0%Discomfort

  • 0%Lack of availability

  • 0%Lack of training

  • 0%Underestimating the risk

How confident are you in identifying the correct PPE for different hazards?

  • 0%Very confident

  • 0%Somewhat confident

  • 0%Unsure

  • 0%Not Confident at all

Have you ever been in a situation where by using PPE has prevented a serious injury?

  • 0%Yes, multiple times

  • 0%Yes, once

  • 0%No, but I know others who have

  • 0%No, I have never experinced this

What improvements would you like to see In your workplace regarding PPE?

  • 0%Better quality equipment

  • 0%More comprehensive training

  • 0%Increased availability

  • 0%Improved comfort and fit

Thank you for participating, your contribution can help gauge awareness, usage, and attitudes toward PPE, ultimately contributing to a safer work environment.

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